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  written By Kennedy Kioko

Be proctive not reactive, for an apparently insignificant issue today can spawn tomorrow's catastrophe.

--Ken Poirot

Tragedy brings about a common phenomenon in Kenya - the harambee culture.

A clear example includes funding drives to help survivors of tragedies offset bills and restore their living standards. Other reactive approaches include setting up a committee or ‘chama’, pooling family and friends or getting a loan.

The dictionary definition of reactive is ‘acting in response to a situation rather than creating or controlling it’. The cases stated above are perfect examples of people constantly reacting to situations. A person that has not protected his/her future will end up raising and/or using money to offset losses caused by negative incidences.

Insurance is a way of dealing with such financial uncertainties by making accidental loss manageable.

How does insurance work? You pay a premium when you buy an insurance policy. The insurance company combines the premiums of other policy holders and is thus able to pay out your claim in the event of damage or loss.

With insurance, you can protect yourself, the ones you love and your assets.

MyInsure simplifies the insurance processes through the use of technology. We empower you to be proactive with your future as we help you easily find the right insurance partner who suits your needs.